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Art Related Projects:

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis - Exhibition Design Projects:
"To See Without Being Seen: the Contemporary Art of Drone Warfare" (Opening Spring 2016)
"The Paintings of Sir Winston Churchill" (Fall 2015)
"World War 1: War of Images, Images of War" (Fall 2015)
"From Picasso to Fontana—Collecting Modern and Postwar Art in the Eisendrath Years, 1960-1968" (Spring 2015)
"Moving Parts: Time and Motion in Contemporary Art" (Spring 2014)
"In the Aftermath of Trauma: Contemporary Video Installations" (Spring 2014)
"Rashid Johnson: Message to Our Folks" (Fall 2013)
"Notations Contemporary Drawing as Idea and Process" , drawings exhibition (Opening 2012, September)
"Design with the Other 90%: Cities"(Opening 2012, September)
"American Places: Painting the Landscape in the Nineteenth Century" (Fall 2013)
"Contemporary German Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection" (Spring 2013)
"Face and Figure in European Art, 1928-1945" (Spring 2013)
"Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other" (2010, October 8 – 2011, January 10)
"Georges Braque and the Cubist Still Life, 1928-1945" (Spring 2013)
"John Stezaker" (Spring 2012)

Dialogues Los Angeles – Paris
MAK Center for Art and Architecture (2012 / 2013)
Discussions and Publication w/ Los Angeles and Paris-based artists and architects

Sharon Lockhart: Double Tide
Center of Contemporary Art, Castellon, Spain (Opening 2012, May)
Installation Design

Sharon Lockhart: Noa Eshkol
The Israel Museum: Jerusalem, Israel (2011, December 13 – 2012, April 30)
The Center for Contemporary Art: Tel-Aviv, Israel (2011, December 15 - 2012, February 15)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Los Angeles, California (2012, June - 2012, September)
The Jewish Museum, New York (Opening 2012, November)
Installation Design

Sharon Lockhart: Podworka
Blum & Poe Gallery: Los Angeles, California (2011, September 23 - 2011, October 29)
Installation Design

Kemper Art Museum
Design of permanent collection galleries (Opening August 2011)

Stephen Prina: As He Remembered It
Secession Museum: Vienna, Austria (2011, May 27 – 2011, August 21)
Artist Collaboration for recreation of historic furniture by Rudolph Schindler.

Sharon Lockhart: The Dawn of Prehistory, Palaeolithic finds in Repolust Cave
Museum Joanneum: Graz, Austria (2011, June 21 – 2012, June 22)
Installation Design

Folly: The View from Nowhere
An Installation by Escher GuneWardena at MOCA PDC (2009, December 6 – 2010, February 28)

Mike Kelley and Michael Smith-A Voyage of Growth and Discovery.
The Sculpture Center New York. (Sept-Nov 2009)
West of Rome, Los Angeles (June-Aug, 2010)

Blum & Poe II
Los Angeles, California (2009, September)
21,000 square foot gallery and event space of leading Los Angeles contemporary art gallery.

Watts House Project: Garcia House
Architectural design for artist Edgar Arceneaux' 'collaborative artwork in the shape of a neighborhood redevelopment'. Collaboration with Slanguage (Mario Ybarra Jr. amd Karla Diaz) sponsored by LACMA (2009, November – 2010, July)

Sharon Lockhart: Lunch Break
Secession Museum: Vienna, Austria (2008, November 21 – January 26)
Blum & Poe: Los Angeles, California (2009, November 21 – 2010, January 9)
Gladstone Gallery: New York, New York (2009, December 11 – 2010, January 30)
Kemper Art Museum: St. Louis, Missouri (2010, February 5 – 2010, April 19)
Colby College Museum of Art: Waterville, Maine (2010, July 10 – 2010, October 17)
Included curation and reinstallation of permanent collection galleries in conjunction with Sharon Lockhart’s Lunch Break exhibition.
GioMarconi: Milan, Italy (2011, February 2 – 2011, March 26)
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: San Francisco, California (2011, October 15 – 2012, January 16)
MUMOK: Vienna, Austria (2011, September 9 - 2012, January 8)
Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castello: Castellon, Spain (2012, January 13 - 2012, March 2)
Installation Design

Anya Gallaccio
Lehmann Maupin Gallery: New York, New York (2008, November)
Space planning and technical assistance for installation of large clay sculpture.

Living Flowers: Ikebana and Contemporary Art
Japanese American National Museum: Los Angeles California (2008, June 15 – September 7)
Design of group exhibition juxtaposing Ikebana, the Japanese art of flowering arranging, with the work of contemporary artists whose art has been influenced by the practices of this traditional art form. Curated by Karin Higa

Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner
Hammer Museum: Los Angeles, California. (2008, July 13 – October 12)
The Lighthouse: Glasgow, Scotland. (2009, March 19 – July 26)
Palm Springs Art Museum: Palms Springs, California. (2010, February 20 –May 23)
First major retrospective of the influential American architect based in Los Angeles, co-curated by Frank Escher and Nicolas Olsberg, with exhibition design by Escher GuneWardena.

Life on Mars: 55th Carnegie International
Carnegie Museum of Art: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2008, May 3 – January 11)
Architectural design for major Contemporary Art Survey Exhibition. Curated by Douglas Fogle.

Sharon Lockhart Retrospective
Kunstverein: Hamburg, Germany (2008, April 12 – June 15)
Design of one of the largest retrospective exhibitions of the artist’s work requisitioned and reconfigured the entire 13,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Kunstverein in Hamburg to develop a calm, yet dramatic scenography.

Mike Kelley - Mobile Homestead
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit: Detroit, Michigan.
Planning and architectural design of installation by the Los Angeles artist Mike Kelley.

Mike Kelley Petting Zoo - Skulptur Projekte MĂĽnster 2007
Westfalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History: Münster, Germany (2007, June 16 – September 30)
Planning and architectural design of installation by the Los Angeles artist in a public urban space for the recurring international exhibition. Curated by Kasper König, Brigitte Franzen and Carina Plath.

LivingKit - OPEN HOUSE: Architecture & Technology for Intelligent Living
Zeche Zollverein: Essen Germany (2006, August 26 – December 3)
Art Center College of Design Wind Tunnel: Pasadena, California (2007, April 14 – July 1)
One of eleven proposals selected from an international roster of architects for a traveling exhibition on the topic of the future house in relation to digital technologies. Jointly curated by the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.

Sharon Lockhart: PINE FLAT
Broad Art Foundation: Santa Monica, California (2006, November 19 - )
Museu do Chiado: Lisbon, Portugal (2006, October 3 – January 7)
The Arthur M. Sackler Museum: Cambridge, Massachusetts (2006, August 26 – November 19)
Australian Centre for Photography: Sydney, Australia - (2006, June 18 – Sept. 7)
MUMOK Vienna: Vienna, Austria (2006, June 9 – October 1)
Blum & Poe: Los Angeles, California (2006, May 27 – June 24)
Barbara Gladstone Gallery: New York, New York (2006, May 20 – June 24)
The Walker Art Center: Minneapolis, Minnesota (2006, April 23 – July 16)
Sala Rekalde: Bilbao, Spain (2005, December 14 – February 12)
Installation design for artist Sharon Lockhart’s body of work around the imaginary town Pine Flat as it traveled to different venues.

Olafur Eliasson: Meant to be lived in (Today I’m feeling prismatic)
Emi Fontana West of Rome: Pasadena, California (2005, April 21 – May 21)
Transformation of Escher GuneWardena Jamie House into a light installation by Olafur Eliasson

Showdown! At the Schindler House
Los Angeles (2004)
Fashion show fundraiser for the MAK Center, Los Angeles

Blum & Poe
Los Angeles, California (2003, September)
5000 square foot gallery for leading Los Angeles art dealers.

Getty Family Room, Invited Competition Entry
The Getty Museum: Los Angeles, California (2003)
Cabinet of curiosities, collaboration with artists Stephen Prina and David Schaffer.

Grand Egyptian Museum, Competition Entry
Grand Egyptian Museum: Giza, Egypt (2003)
International competition entry proposed housing national collection in chronological strata below ground.

Hub for Times Square, Invited Competition Entry
Creative Time: New York, New York (2003)
Information kiosk built of the same stacked printed materials to be disseminated at Kiosk.

Sharon Lockhart Retrospective
Museum of Contemporary Art: Chicago, Illinois (2001, March)
Exhibition design for retrospective of artist Sharon Lockhart.


HORIBA Instruments Inc.
Irvine, California (in progress)
Design and remodel of HORIBA’s corporate headquarters in North America.

Band of Outsiders
Los Angeles, California (2011, December)
New York, New York (2012, in progress)
Design of studio and headquarter offices for fashion house of designer Scott Sternberg, GC Man of the Year 2011.

Redmond Shopping Center
Redmond, Washington (2011)
133,000 square foot shopping center complex in a downtown district of the city of Redmond.

Gamine Hair Salon
Los Angeles, California (2007, February)
Upscale hair salon in Silverlake.

Pho Café Los Angeles, California (2003, March)
Vietnamese restaurant in Silverlake.

Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation
Los Angeles, California (2003, 2000)
Master Plan for Native American Historic Site and Cultural Center (completed July 2000).
Phase I amphitheater element (completed 2003), future phases in fundraising.

Milspec Magnetics
Pomona, Californa (2002)
Office and production facility for electronics manufacturing company organized around central testing area.

Electric Sun III
Sherman Oaks, California (2001)
Collaboration with Los Angeles artist Jonathan Williams.

Electric Sun II
Los Angeles, CA (2000, April).
1,900 square foot tanning salon treated as a light installation.

Ruth Bachofner Gallery: Santa Monica, California (1998)
Art Gallery at Bergamont Station.

Electric Sun I
Los Angeles, California (1997, September)
3,500 square foot tanning salon treated as a light installation.

Doyle / Wilson Salon
Los Angeles (1996)
Studio for hair designer Clay Wilson

Historic Preservation:

Eames House Restoration
Pacific Palisades, California (in progress)
First Phase of restoration of Case Study House # 8, the Charles and Ray Eames, in collaboration with the Eames Foundation and the Getty Conservation Institute

Church of Epiphany
Los Angeles, California (in progress)
Restoration of historic Lincoln Heights church, site of Cesar Chavez United Farm Workers labor movement and local headquarters of Robert F. Kennedy campaign, 1968.

Tyre Residence
Los Angeles, California (in progress)
A restoration/remodel project of the historic 1954 A. Quincy Jones house sensitively inserts new elements into the house for re-purposed rooms for a young artist/business women client.

Richard Neutra addition
Los Angeles, California (2006, February)
Addition to a 1959 Richard Neutra residence.

Chemosphere Restoration
Los Angeles, California (2000, July)
Restoration/Remodel of the Chemosphere (John Lautner, 1960).

Chemospere Guest House and Pool
Los Angeles, California (design completed 2000)
Guest house a glass bridge, pool with underwater bar.


Shapiro Residence
Malibu, California (in progress)
Remodel of existing 4000 square foot residence overlooking the ocean.

Hollywood Hills Residence
Los Angeles, California (in progress)
3,000 square foot, five cornered concrete house for a single family.

Malaga, Spain
One of 12 international firms to design a unit for GLBT retirement community

Mount Washington Residence
Los Angeles, California (in progress)
Concrete house and studio for artist couple.

Jones Residence
Los Angeles, California (2010, February)
3,000 square foot single family concrete house lofted on piers above a steeply sloping property in Silverlake.

Sola Residence
Los Angeles, California (2009, March)
2800 square foot house for an artist and curator entirely covered with a thermoplastic roofing membrane.

Dwell Home II
Topanga, California (in progress)
Winning entry of Dwell magazine’s 2004 competition for a sustainably designed home – a glass box sandwiched between concrete plinth and massive green roof – incorporates numerous green technology systems.

Hollywood Hills Guest House
Los Angeles, California (2008, July)
Compact concrete building with green roof.

Parker / Van Zyl Residence
Los Angeles, California (design completed 2007)
4,000 square foot residence comprised of two pavilions surrounding pool and garden court.

Wasco Residence
Los Angeles, California (2007, January)
1000 square foot apartment re-model for a well-known art director/set decorator couple in one of the 1960’s Los Feliz Towers.

Harmony Lane Residence
Los Angeles, California (design completed 2006, December)
17,000 sq. ft. contemporary villa on a park-like property in Los Angeles with three horizontal layers that follow a classical organization rendered in three different materials.

Pearson / Trent Residence
Los Angeles, California (2006, June)
Complete remodel of existing house for Artist Anthony Pearson.

Cosmos / Hightower Residence
Los Angeles (design completed 2003)
A two-story concrete and glass structure cantilevered from a hilltop in Silver Lake.

Wilson / Praetorius Residence
Los Angeles (design completed 2003)
Craftsman house raised onto a platform creating large open living space below.

Heberling Condominium
Bellevue, Washington (2003, May)
Conversion of an existing 2000 square foot multi-room unit to open loft-like space.

5th Avenue Residence
New York, New York (2003, May)
Remodel and interior design of a quintessential Upper East Side apartment for a couple of young art collectors.

Santa Monica Mountains Residence
Sherman Oaks, California (design completed 2002, February)
6,000 square foot residence comprises a series of frameless glass pavilions with a cantilevered steel roof structure.

Fernando Residence Nanaimo, Canada (2001, July)
3,000 square foot residence organized around a central garden/circulation space.

Jamie Residence
Pasadena, California (2000, June)
2,000 square foot residence lofted above steep hillside on two concrete piers.

Hollywood Hills Residence
Los Angeles (design completed 1999)
Translucent volume perched on a hillside; House and studio for a sound editor.

Master Planning:

Ville De Jardin
Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011, January)
Master plan of a prototype disaster relief town of 7,000 people located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Los Angeles, California (2011, December)
Finalist in the Community Redevelopment Agency, Los Angeles competition for a Cleantech Manufacturing development in the Cleantech Corridor. Proposal combined Linked Learning education facilities with Cleantech manufacturing research and development.

Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor & Green District Competition
Los Angeles, California (2011, September)
Honorable Mention finalist in ideas competition held by the Southern California Institute of Architecture and The Architect’s Newspaper for envisioning the redevelopment of Los Angeles as a Cleantech capital.